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Premium Repatriation Services.

Hearing the news of a loved one’s death, far from home can be an unsettling experience. From language barriers to cultural differences, Swift funeral services will ensure that your loved one comes back home, without any unnecessary delays. Our professional repatriation services will ensure that loved ones are reunited quickly, with minimal delays. With our extensive experience handling repatriations from all over the world, our services will include transportation arrangements, documentations and endorsements to ensure that the repatriation process will be carried out without a hitch.

Inbound Repatriation

Bringing your loved one back home safely and quickly is a priority to us.

Our inbound repatriation services will include travel arrangements (tickets sold separately) for the family to the country where death has occurred. We will then facilitate the repatriation of the deceased to be returned home, by being in close contact with local authorities, overseas undertakers and hospitals if necessary.

Upon the return of the deceased back home, our professional funeral planning team will assist to arrange a funeral wake or memorial service for the deceased.

You can find out more information about our repatriation packages here.

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Outbound Repatriation

Our outbound repatriation services will ensure that the deceased is sent back to their home country safely, and with dignity.

Our arrangements will include embalming if required, and all relevant port documents are procured to ensure that the deceased is returned home without delays. Once the deceased has arrived at the airport of their choice, we will then communicate closely with overseas undertakers to ensure that the body is received promptly.

Here are the prices and more information about our repatriation packages.

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While it is possible to handle the repatriation process by yourself, it is an arduous task. Permits will be required to be endorsed, translations of death certificates and clearances from relevant authorities will require a professional team – one that we can provide.

Here are the prices of our Repatriation packages.

Once you have engaged us, we will be assisting you with the following.

1. Advice and guide you on the selection of an overseas undertaker

A local undertaker will be required to handle the body of the deceased. Depending on your requirements and budget, we will assist you to engage and liaise on your behalf, with the local undertaker. All relevant certificates will be obtained and endorsed accordingly.

2. Port Health Authority Clearance

We will be applying for a port health coffin import permit on your behalf.

3. Airway bill confirmation

Swift funeral services will provide you with a list of airline quotes. Depending on your budget and time constraints, we will assist your loved one to be on the soonest flight home. Do note that we will never make you pay a markup on such fees, and prices will be quoted at cost.

4. Back home

Once your loved one has returned home, our funeral concierge will be in touch with you. From funeral planning services to guidance and support, we will be with you, every step of the way. Should you wish for us to plan a memorable and dignified funeral wake, here are our funeral service packages.