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Direct Funeral Packages

At Swift Funeral Services, we understand the need for a reliable and economical direct funeral service. When a funeral wake is not necessary, a direct-to-cremation service may be the best option for you.


Not everyone believes that a costly, elaborate, ceremonial funeral is a necessity. Let us handle the necessary, while you gather close friends and families for a final send off at the crematorium.

Same Day

No unnecessary procedures, and discretion as an option, a direct cremation service is the most economical of funeral services. A cremation slot can be booked within the same day.

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Why Choose us?

A funeral package is not always as it seems. From GST charges, to exorbitant add-on prices once you have confirmed with a basic package.

We have no hidden fees. Our packages are always free from GST surcharges and taxes. Add-ons are purely optional. Drop us a chat, or a phone call with your enquiries and we are always ready to answer them.

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Direct Funeral Packages

Simple, transparent pricing that is fair to you.

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Direct Cremation


Same day, direct cremation package.
Nett Prices. No GST.

What’s Included

  • Dedicated funeral concierge

  • Hearse and casket transportation

  • Simple casket

  • Booking of cremation slot with cremation fees included
  • Collection of deceased from premises

  • Embalming is not provided. Embalming is optional for same day cremation.

  • Instalment payment plans available

  • No GST, no surcharges and no hidden costs

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Things to prepare for a direct funeral

Here is a list of items required for a direct funeral.

1. NRIC of deceased

2. Obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD).

3. 1 Set of clothings (Top, bottom, undergarments and shoes)

4. 1x Portrait photo of deceased (To be framed and displayed on hearse and at send off)