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Unnatural death procedures
Conducted at HSA Mortuary

When a doctor conducts a house visit, his role is to ascertain the cause of death of an individual. When death occurs due to natural causes, the doctor proceeds to product a CCOD (Certificate of cause of death). If he deems the death to be due to a sudden or unclear cause, he will refer the deceased for further investigation by the local police.

Do not panic.

There are multiple reasons why death can be due to unnatural causes. From drug contraindications, to an accidental fall, it is the job of the investigations to find out the exact cause of death.

Police involvement.

The police will be involved, requiring the person who first reported the death to be present for a statement. Simply be factual and provide as much details as possible.

unnatural death investigation

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Investigation Process


1. All medical documents related to the deceased.
2. Produce all medicine consumed by the deceased.
3. Identification of BOTH deceased & informant
– NRIC/Passport/Birth certificate/FIN Card

A police hearse will be engaged to collect the body, and have it sent to Mortuary @ HSA (Block 9, Singapore General Hospital).

You will be notified by the police once investigations have been carried out and you will be required to go down to the mortuary for a review (next working day).

At the mortuary, the family will have to perform the following:

– Bring along all required documents and consumed medicine.

– View and identify the deceased in the presence of a coroner.

– The coroner will review that case, and determine if a further autopsy is required.

– The family will be notified of the coroners decision, and the time and date that you will be able to claim the body.