Holding a funeral at a landed/private property.


Landed houses

There are no requirements required for holding a funeral in your own landed house.


– Condo clubhouse bookings are subject to approval, and not all condos will allow funerals in these facilities.
– Consider instead a funeral parlour, void deck premises of relatives, or state land rentals instead.

Permits are not required.

For landed house funerals, permits are not required should you choose to hold the funeral wake in your own home and premises. A tentage set-up is usually advised for funeral wakes at landed houses.

Do note however, that is often the case that car parking and tent-age requirements at such areas will become an issue and you may require the use of public roads, or the parts of the roads located outside of your landed property for the funeral procession.

A road closure permit will then be required for such cases and it will have to be obtained from the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Depending on the layout of the road intersections and access to fire hydrants, approvals from multiple agencies ranging from SCDF to URA might be required. It is highly recommended that you allow us to handle the approval of such permits.


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From choosing your preferred tent-age layout to the approval of necessary permits, Swift funeral services will ensure that the funeral wake is set up professionally, with minimal delays.

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