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How to book a venue for funerals
(HDB/Common Areas)

Booking a common area or void deck for funerals will require a phone call to your nearby town council office. Common areas and void decks are usually provided free, with some areas requiring an admin fee.

No/Low cost

Void deck and common areas can be booked as long as the current residential address presides within the jurisdiction of the local town council. Bookings are usually provided free of charge, with some town councils requiring an admin surcharge.

Utility fees are chargeable

Electricity and water fees will have to be paid for by you. This are usually charged on a per day basis and are payable to the respective town councils.

void deck/common areas

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1. Death certificate of deceased (Digital copy available on MyLegacy website and app)
2. Your NRIC
– Person(s) booking must be a relative of the deceased age 21 years old and above.
3. Debit/Credit card/Nets/Cash
4. Deceased must be a HDB resident, under jurisdiction of the relevant Town council office.

Give a call to the respective town council office. Express your requirements to book a common area for a funeral. Advice will then be provided to you about the availability of currently available HDB common spaces and void decks, based on proximity to your residence. Do take note of the town councils varying operating hours.

The town council office will then assist to issue you a permit. Once the permit has been generated (Next working day), you can proceed to the Town Council office with the required documentations, to collect the permit, and to make payment.

For family members of the bereaved, they may choose to apply for a Temporary Parking Pass from HDB, for affordable parking at the location of the wake.