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Funeral Guide

Here is a guide that we have put together to answer all of your funeral related questions. Questions? Give us a call, or chat with us and we are more than happy to help.

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What to do when death occurs?What is unnatural deathHow to prepare for a funeralBooking void decks/common areas for funerals (HDB)Funeral wakes at private/landed propertiesDeath overseas(Inbound Repatriation)Outbound Repatriation

Funeral Processions

Pre-planning a funeralWhat happens after cremation?Post-funeral rituals(Buddhist)Photography/Videography requirements

Payments & Support

Payment and Payment methodsHow to pay by instalments?


registering death

What to do when death occurs?

Death must be registered in Singapore within 24 hours.

If death has occurred at home, a licensed doctor will be required to come down and certify the cause of death. A CCOD (Certificate of cause of death) will be prepared by the doctor, and to help register the death online. To book a CCOD doctor, chat or give us a call and we will arrange to have a doctor with you within 3 hours.

If death has occurred in a hospital, the attending doctor will certify the cause of death, and register the death online.

Our CCOD Doctors are on standby, ready to come down to you in 3 hours.

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unnatural death

Unnatural death

In the case of an unnatural death, the certifying doctor might believe that the death was sudden, unexpected, and without a clear reason. Find out more about our guide to unnatural deaths, and what steps to take.

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preparation list

How to prepare for a funeral

A funeral will involve some planning and preparation on your part. An amicable family discussion is recommended to ensure that the plannings go smoothly.

1. A set of clothing

Prepare a set of clothing that the deceased will wear. It could be a formal suit for males or a dress for females, complete with undergarments and socks/shoes. In some cases, it can also be prudent to adorn simple clothings instead that are reflective of the desires and wishes of the deceased.

2. Portrait Photo

Prepare a portrait picture that you would like to be framed and displayed at the coffin and hearse. At Swift Funeral, we will also provide free professional photo editing should you have need for it.

3. Location of wake

Decide if you would like the funeral held at the premise, at a parlour or a HDB void deck/common area. Depending on which venue you choose, the set-up necessary will be different, as are the prices.

4. Cremation, burial or scattering.

Ground burials are only available at the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex. Depending on the religion of the deceased, they will be assigned a section accordingly.

For cremation, the next question will be where to place the ashes. Columbarium’s, churches and temples offer niches that you can purchase to place the ashes. Depending on the last wishes of the deceased, some may opt for scattering instead.

For ash scattering, there are several options. Sea or land scattering is available.

common area bookings

Booking void decks/common areas (HDB)

Choosing to hold a wake at a void deck/common area? Here are the procedures required, to go about booking a void deck space or common area from your local town council.

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private house tentage

Funeral wakes at private/landed properties

For occupants of condominiums and landed properties, this is out guide on how you can go about planning a funeral wake.

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inbound repatriation

Death overseas (Repatriation)

Retrieving the body of a loved one from overseas will require a professional, international repatriation service. When speed is of the highest priority, let us get you reunited with your loved one as soon as possible.

Here is our guide and packages for you repatriation needs.

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Funeral Processions

funeral pre-planning

Funeral Pre-planning

Funeral pre-planning is more than just a gesture. A pre-paid funeral package removes the financial burdens

Contact us via our chat or give us a call to get in touch with a funeral concierge that will help and guide you to plan a final farewell that is befitting of your memorable existence.

cremation urn

What happens after cremation?

Once a body has been cremated, you can decide on what to do with the ashes. From purchasing an urn and placing it at a columbarium niche, to sea scattering and even having them embedded in jewellery. Find out and compare which option will best suit your needs.

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Buddhist Rites

Post-funeral Rituals for Buddhists

In buddhist traditions, a mourning period of 49 days is observed. Even though the wake has passed, Buddhists believe that rebirth of their loved one takes place within 49 days, after death.

Observation over the course of the 49 day mourning period will include vegetarian offerings and prayers with a monk, that will take place on a set schedule:

Day 7
Day 21
Day 35
Day 49

There is also an abstinence of celebrations for a total period of 100 days.

Photography & Videography

A memorable gathering of family and friends, united in solidarity. Such moments can be hard to come by and you may choose to have these moments taken professionally.. Photography and videography services are available at Swift Funeral Services. Contact us to find out more and we will be glad to assist you with this.

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payment methods

Payment and payment methods

Payments for funeral services will usually be billed on the last day/end of the funeral, with a grace period of up to 1 week for full payment. At Swift Funeral Services, we allow for a flexibility in our payment plans. From instalment plans using Atome and more, get in touch with us to find out what will best fit your payment preferences.

We accept payments via Paynow/Debit/Credit Cards/Cheques/Fund transfers/Nets.

Types of instalment plans

Interest free Instalment plans are available for 3/6/12 month repayments.

Make Funerals Memorable Again.

Let us take away the hassle of funeral planning, and the distaste of hidden fees. Funerals are meant to be a time for families to gather, and to reminisce the lasting legacy of our loved ones – Not to be a victim of bad business practices.

“We are committed to providing a funeral service experience that is drama free. A fair and premium funeral service that will not let you down. One that your loved ones truly deserve. ”

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