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Hi,We are Swift Funeral Services

And we are here for you in your time of need.

Swift funeral services was created with a single purpose – to provide the best possible prices on funeral services, and a top notch service.

We are for the technology and strategic partnerships that make it easy for you to get the best value from our funeral services, and to have a dignified send off for your loved one. We are also for the flexibility in our packages to create a service that makes sense to you.

With 40 years of experience in the funeral planning business, our strategic and key acquisitions has gifted us with a team of 50 professionals and a support team that aspires to stand out from the competition, with a service that comes from the heart.

Guided by the RIGHT values

YOU First.

We are nothing without people.

We are committed to the needs and wellness of everyone, both within and outside of our company.

Purpose driven

We stand behind our desire to bring affordable, transparent funeral packages for everyone.


As complex as funeral planning can be, we aim to simplify processes to the utmost, ensuring stress-free experiences, always.


Our team has put together with individuals that are both empathetic, and passionate. We will stand with you, through this ordeal.

Fair Value

We know the line between profitability and reasonableness. For that reason, prices on Swift Funeral will always be fair, and of value to you.

Good Practices

We hate hidden fees and sneaky practices just as much as you do. In an industry rife with bad practices, we are here to make a stand, and to make a real difference.

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